Our Dream

Dream becomes reality for Hetty and Harry Leijstra

Interview Nieuwe Dockumer Courant Thursday 21 Febr 2008.

Hetty and Harry Leijstra are both 46 years old. Harry is born in Rinsumageest and grew up in Dokkum. Hetty was born and raised in Dokkum. Until recently they lived in a beautiful, self-converted farmhouse in Hantumhuizen and both had a good job. Hetty was a receptionist at the swimming pool for 26 years. Harry was first a carpenter for 10 years and later a mechanic in Noardburgum.
But they both wanted something completely different. “We have always talked about starting our own campsite and looked on the internet for possibilities. A few years ago we made the decision and we decided to take action” said Hetty Leijstra.
First, they looked at campsites in the Netherlands, but those appeared to be too expensive. Last year they visited 3 campsites in Germany. But those campsites didn`t have what we were looking for. During their fourth vacation to the Czech Republic they asked themselves, “Why don`t we start a campsite here?” Especially the freedom on the campsites was what they were looking for.
“You have no defined places and dogs can walk without a leash. The lakes are accessible to everyone” . Hetty and Harry mention the low prices as a nice extra. The Czech Republic is becoming more expensive, but it is still not comparable with the Netherlands.

In October 2007 the Leijstra’s sold their house in Hantumhuizen. Within ten months, they had to the Czech Republic been eight times to look for a campsite.
A broker in Leeuwarden, who has an office in the Czech Republic, helped them to find their campsite. In November 2007 they found their campsite at Dobronice in South Bohemia.

The unique feature of this camping is the island in the middle, surrounded by the river Lužnice. “That`s the perfect place for caravans and tents” Hetty said while pointing at the map. On the dry land is their own house with the reception. Around the house are three large buildings with 6 apartments. The campsite also has 20 cabins. There is also a recreation room, a restaurant and a large terrace.

” This camping is really what we were looking for”. The agency in Leeuwarden helped us with all the necessary papers. Last Tuesday everything was arranged. On the 25 of February Harry and Hetty will sign the papers an get the key to their new campsite.

“We want to prepare ourselves for the coming season. We expect nothing, but everyone is welcome.”
Hetty and Harry can only speak a few words of Czech, but hope to master the language when they live there. In a way they find it difficult to leave friends and family behind in the Netherlands, but on the other hand the Czech Republic is only a 1000 km away.”When we want,we drive to Dokkum in only one day.”