The surroundings


zuid bohemenSouth Bohemia is a rare and beautiful wetland area between Prague and the Austrian border. It is for good reason that this is one of the most popular resorts for the Czechs themselves, with many options for outdoor activities. With its rich, natural and cultural potential South Bohemia is an ideal holiday destination for everyone. We can offer you various maps and guides of the surrounding area.

Attractions near the campground

  • Canoe in the river Lužnice (on campsite).
  • The old bridge of Stadleč (walking distance).
  • Ruins of Dobronice u Bechyně (walking distance).
  • Bechyně, village with supermarket, post office, restaurants, and interesting shops (10 km).
  • Riding school and golf course (15 km).
  • West of Sobeslav lies a beautiful trail through the swamps of Borkovice, ‘Borkovicka blata’ (25 km).
  • Pisek, village with delicious Burgundian restaurant (30 km).
  • The caves of Chýnov are located at 37 km from the campsite.
  • Kutna Hora, village with silver mines and a toboggan run (120 km).

Picturesque towns and villages

In cultural terms you can see and discover a lot of things in South Bohemia while the history has left a special wealth of urban monuments behind. The entire region is dotted with ancient towns and picturesque villages. You can visit historical buildings in Tábor and Český Krumlov.



The town of Tábor is situated at the northern edge of southern Bohemia. Tábor is the second biggest town in Southern Bohemia with 37,000 inhabitants. At the place of the former fortified settlement Hradiöte from the period of Premyslovci, Hussite established the fortified town with the biblical name Tábor in 1420.

Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is the most popular city in the region. In no Bohemian city is so much medieval architecture to be found. Also here is the largest shopping centre in South Bohemia.


One of the biggest attractions of Český Krumlov is the rotating theatre. You can ride with a coach through the beautiful old part of town or take a boat trip.

The large Dekenaat Church of St. Vitus from the 15th century is also worth a visit. The impressive castle dates from 1235 and has no less than 300 rooms and five courtyards.

Castles and ruins

South Bohemia is a region known for its castles and ruins. Castles can be found for example in Hluboká nad Vltavou , Červená Lhota and Zvíkov.


Some ruins are popular with tourists. The most famous ruins are:

  • Divci Kamen (10 km north of Český Krumlov)
  • Dobronice u Bechyně
  • Kozi Hradek (5,5 km away from Tabor)
  • and Selmberk (17 km north east of Tabor), in a romantic nature.

If you have complaints concerning your body’s movement, then South Bohemia can offer you therapy and rehabilitation in the spa resorts Trebon, Bechyně and Vráž.