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The surroundings

All about South Bohemia in the Czech Republic

South Bohemia is a rare beautiful and water-rich area between Prague and the Austrian border. Not for nothing is this one of the most popular resorts in the Czech Republic. South Bohemia, with its varied nature and cultural opportunities, is an ideal holiday destination for everyone.

Attractions near the campsite
The town of Bechynĕ is 10 km from the campsite and here you will find a larger and some small supermarket, a bank, restaurants, a monastery, several smaller museums that are really worth seeing.
A riding stables and a golf course are about 15 km away.
30 km from the campsite you can enjoy delicious Burgundian cuisine in the village of Pisek.
In the west of Sobĕslav, 25 km from the campsite, a beautiful hiking trail through the wetlands of Borkovice (Borkovicka blata) has been drawn.
In July and August the “Križík” travels from Tábor to Bĕchyně: a historical electric railway.
The old well-known suspension bridge of Stadleč and the ruins of Dobronice u Bechynĕ are within walking distance of the campsite.
Kutná Hora is a village 120 km from the campsite with silver mines, toboggan run, ossuary etc.
The Chýnov Caves are 37 km from the campsite.
You can go canoeing, fishing and swimming in the Lužnice River.
At our campsite you will find various maps and guides of the region.

Picturesque towns and villages

Culturally, there is much to see and discover in South Bohemia, because history has left a special treasure of urban monuments. The entire region is dotted with old towns and picturesque villages. Among other things, you can visit historical buildings in Tabor and Česky Krumlov.